Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cancun Adventure

Here is a view looking down from our place where we stayed in Cancun. The weather turned out awesome besides the last day when remnants of the hurricane made the waves larger but it never came our way thank goodness.

Our place was all-inclusive so we would have room service (which was 24 hours) come to our room to wake us up and bring food whenever we requested it, then we would have a brunch and eat food somewhere at the resort, then we would eat lunch at the buffet which had the best food, then we would have a pre-dinner there or by the pool (like the place behind Chris)...
... then have dinner at one of the 5 places (American, Italian, Mexican, Seafood, and French), then room service. Hahah. We had to dress up for momst of them. I think this was the French restaurant which was by far the best.

Here is at the Western/American restaurant. They sat us and one of the Mexican waiters went up saying that they turned on the mechanical bull... who wants to go first. My little hand went up pointing to Chris and everyone started clapping and so he went up it was hilarious. But then I had to go up too because he went hahah pay back.

Outside one of our places we took a picture. Even at night it was so humid we were dying.

Us by the pool. We would rent out towels everyday so we would go to one of the shacks

First day we were there ready to have an adventure and explore our place. It was right on the beach and had so many cool places to visit and explore within our hotel.


Our reception was outside at the Pope Gardens in Orem. It was so much fun and the weather was perfect. The sister-in-laws helped make these centerpieces and we have this one on our wall in our bedroom.
Our cake was in three sections which looked so beautiful. Our flowers were these hydrangea in centerpieces and cake.
We didn't go over if we were going to shove cake or just feed eachother cake. We definitely went for the "shove" and I got Chris good hahahahhaUs cutting the cake
Father of the bride!!! We took a picture like the movie cover of "Father of the Bride". I'm definitely a daddy's girl but my dad know that Chris was perfect for me :)
Our car got destroyed! M&Ms, Oreos, Chocolate Syrup, plastic wrap, whip cream

Our exit was with sparklers. It was an awesome ending to our reception and beginning of our honeymoon.

The luncheon roast, I mean toast

So for our luncheon we went to the top floor of the Lion House which was so much fun! We had some great food and then speeches by family.

Chris' brothers do something that's different from a toast to the bride and groom... but a ROAST where they go up and embarrass the groom hahah it was funny.

Whitney gave My Little Ponies because apparently Chris had asked for them when he was younger and his brothers have made of his manliness because of this. Aaron gave us a step-ladder helping Chris' bad back so I could walk up and give him hugs (because I'm short and it will hurt Chris' back to bend over). Cam showed a picture of Chris as "Michael Jordan" where Chris painted himself black for Halloween one year.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wedding Hair at 5:45am

Brittany did an amazing job with my hair. To get it done on time I woke up at 5:15am to get to her salon at 5:45am. It wasn't hard getting up at all because I was so excited and ready to get married to Chris!!!!

She helped me with my hair and nails and it turned out beautiful with loose curles in a side up-do.

Added hairpiece which I found at 9pm the night before we got married.
Hair from the other side

Hair from the back

Monday, October 25, 2010

Making my wedding bouquet

My wedding bouquet turned out just the way I wanted. I ended up using:

* very light pink roses
* white roses
* green hydrangea
* lemon leaf
* white lisianthus

I loved taking floral and landscaping classes at BYU, then working at a floral spot, and doing floral arrangements for friends and family.

I used 50-60 flowers in my bouquet. It turned out beautiful!

I wrapped the flowers in the same fabric as my dress (there were extras from hemming it). I loved how it shined with all the crystals and beading.

I loved the size of the bouquet, it ended up being huge.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Finally Blogging about the Wedding!

So we've been married over a month now! It seems so crazy, but we are so happy and are having fun putting our lives together. We have a cute apartment that I am decorating, we're both working, I love to cook, and are still in the midsts of getting presents.
My favorite is coming home to Chris after our work and not having to leave at night because now we're at the same place! The wedding was awesome, I loved seeing everything come together and loved the support from family and friends, especially those who traveled for us.

Our first picture as Mrs. and Mr. Pearson! Look how happy we look. We made a decision to get married in the temple years ago, way before we met, and it was so great seeing our dreams come true.

Yeah I love these ones by the fountain. We saw them shoot up and ran over to make sure we got some with it.

Cute!!! I love to see the temple

I'll blog later about the flowers I did but this is my bouquet. It was HUGE!!!

Happy to be married for eternity<3 <3

Some more pictures, we had hundreds: